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The 1970’s Called. They’re Bringing Back Owls. And More.

Portrait of an eagle owl

Have you seen the top new home decor and design trend, for 2020?  It’s the seventies.  Really.

Here are the Top Ten ways to get that super-retro groovy look, according to The Frisky:

  1.  Open Space.  Declutter like crazy, and take down walls, if you can.  Whole floors were meant to offer freedom, circulation.  So, walls were more like partitions or screens than actual walls with doors.  Tri-pod lamps and tables offered less bulk in a room, and still do.
  2.  Vivid Natural Color.  Beige and brown were two of the fundamental colors used in the ’70’s (see Macrame and Rattan, below).  To spice things up, rusty orange and mustard yellow and avocado green became the favorites.  Mix and match bright colors from nature with natural fibers (see below), and you’ve got the idea.
  3.  Geometrics.  Bold patterns and simple shapes get the job done.  Drapes with giant triangles on them, near two circular chairs on a striped carpet…
  4.  Natural Fibers.  There may be no better way to feel connected to nature than to make it a part of your home.  Indoor plants make your room look more fresh and alive.  Lots of wood or bamboo help, too (see Rattan, below).  They also bring this feeling of peace and serenity.
  5.  Hanging Chairs.  Really, hanging everything… plants, fruit baskets, beads in doorways.  Less floor clutter occurs (see Open Space, above).
  6.  Shag Carpet.  Reminiscent of a sheep’s wool or woven tapestry, this conveyed nature and offered soft comfort near bold Geometrics.
  7.  Owls.  Really?  Yes.  Though many Native American tribes considered them omens of death, the owl is also thought to represent wisdom.  It is amazing how much popularity these birds had during, the ’70’s.
  8.  Rattan.  Have you ever seen a papasan chair, which looks like a big nest, on a stand, made of bent wood?  Big circular cushion…
  9.  Macrame.  It’s pronounced “MACK-ruh-may.”  And it’s an ancient way of making wall hangings, or pot hangers, from different kinds of fuzzy rope.  The natural fibers can add a nice, earthy vibe to the home, mostly in brown and beige.
  10.  Terrazzo.  This hodge-podge looking material is made from scraps.  It combines many different materials, to make vibrant or sparkling vases and pots, in almost every color.

See the full article from The Frisky, HERE.

Two lovely Spotted owlet

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