FRISKY FRIDAY FAIL:  Terrible “How to Get a Husband” Advice from 1958 Women’s Magazine
Focused female artist with tattoo sketching at easel in art class studio

Could you even imagine anyone thinking this way, today?  

Someone found an old magazine article from the ’50s,  called “129 Ways to Get a Husband.”  And a lot of the suggestions are just ridiculous or sexist or worse.

They’re all from a 1958 issue of the women’s magazine McCall’s,” which went out of print in 2002.

But, here they are – from almost four decades ago – the ways you might want to go “get your MRS.”  Yes, that’s what they called it, back then…

1.  “Get a job demonstrating fishing tackle in a sporting goods store.”

2.  “Get lost at a football game.”

3.  “Don’t take a job at a company run mostly by women.”

4.  “Learn to paint, [then] set up an easel outside an engineering school.”

5.  “Read the obituaries to find eligible widowers.” (!!!)

6.  “Wear a Band-Aid.  People always ask what happened.”

7.  “Stand in a corner and cry softly.  Chances are good that he’ll come over to find out what’s wrong.”  Deceive a gentleman?  Wow.

8.  “Get a sunburn.”  (???)

Wanna see more?  Go here:  (Daily Mail / Bored Panda)


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