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Teens Push for Mental Health Days – to Relieve Real Stress from School

Group Of Teenagers Sharing Text Message On Mobile Phones

As the awareness of essential mental health maintenance increases, teens now push to get mental health days off from school.  And I’m with them.  Here’s why.

Some states like Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, our state of Illinois, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, and Virginia have already implemented mental health days for students.  Research backs the need for them.  And recent local lawsuits over harrassment (which goes terribly far beyond “hazing”), further show the need.

A recent Harris Poll shows that 78% of teens (more than 3-out-of-4), across the country, say that schools should allow them to take a mental health day, if needed.

Sometimes it’s necessary to step back, take a breath, make a plan – together.

This past year of pandemic has shown us that kids really suffer, when they feel isolated or left out or not heard.  The teen-aged years are a tender bridge to adult challenges; it’s good to help them walk across, and navigate thoughtfully.

It’s too easy to take the jaded road, and say “we never had anything like that, back in my day, and we don’t need it now.”  We actually do.

Decades ago, my own parents allowed each one of us kids, in my family, to take one or two days per year – if we honestly told them what was going on, and why we needed a break.  I did the same for my kids (two are now adults), and they say it made a big difference.  I thought it did for me, as well.  It’s about kindness and understanding, as well as keeping your bond, in an ever-changing world.   ~ Mo

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