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Taylor Swift Reveals She Was a “Broken Human” When She Wrote “All Too Well”

Taylor Swift’s fan favorite, “All Too Well,” from her Red album, has been a long-running theme (and sometimes a joke) on social media, and among “Swifties.”

Fans have speculated over who the song was about since its release in 2012…  Now, Taylor is discussing the details of the song – and the Red album – on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums podcast.  “It was a day when I was just, like, a broken human, walking into rehearsal just feeling terrible about what was going on in my personal life,” Taylor said about the day she wrote the song.

The ten-minute original version of the song couldn’t be added to the album; so she had to enlist the help of her longtime collaborator, Liz Rose, to trim it down.

Although fans love it, Taylor felt the song was “too dark, too sad, too intense.”

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