Swifties have had a tough time, lately, after a banner to commemorate the most sold-out shows at Los Angeles’ Staple Center was taken down – because hockey fans thought it was jinxing their chances of going to the championship.

Now, Taylor Swift fans are upset that her image was removed for a Nashville legends mural.  Swift was replaced by Brad Paisley.  And the artist, Tim Davis, has released a statement to say, “Ultimately, the changes are not up to me, but up to the owners of the Legends Corner bar…  They have had the intention from the start to change it up once in a while, taking some artists off and adding others.”

Davis claims that many people who have stumbled out of the bar, where the mural is displayed, have spit on the mural image of Swift.  The muralist says this is specifically because he thinks they feel betrayed by her crossing over, from country to pop music.  However, Davis says he’s a fan of Swift and has set up a GoFundMe page, to raise $35,000, to paint a mural of Swift, by herself.  There’s no word, yet, if Swift’s political views were involved; nor is there any confirmation that the owners make the changes.  Is it just a self-made opportunity for an artist?

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