‘Taylor Swift Is Allowed to Have a Boyfriend’ – Nikki Haley Roasts Conspiracy ‘Theorists’

“Taylor Swift Is Allowed To Have a Boyfriend’: Nikki Haley Roasts Latest MAGA Freakout

Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and UN ambassador, calls out the most recent right-wing conspiracy theories, regarding Taylor Swift, as absurd.

Haley’s comments come from an interview with CNN‘s Jake Tapper on Thursday (February 1).

The relationship between the mega-star and NFL Super Bowl player, Travis Kelce, has alarmed many Trump supporters…  They fear she may campaign for Democrats in the 2024 presidential election, like she did, four years ago.

One host at the far-right One America News even suggested that organized sports are a plot to “turn children away from Jesus.”

Nikki Haley responded to Tapper’s question, “I will not lie, I don’t know what the obsession is,” said Haley.  “Taylor Swift is allowed to have a boyfriend.  Taylor Swift is a good artist.  I have taken my daughter to Taylor Swift concerts before.  To have a conspiracy theory of all of this is bizarre.  Nobody knows who she will endorse.  I can’t believe that has overtaken our national politics.”

Haley continued, “Right now you have 60 percent of American families living paycheck to paycheck…  We have a border out of control, wars happening around the world,” she added.  “The last thing we need to be worried about is who Taylor Swift is dating and what conspiracy theory has her endorsing a person for president.” 

Taylor Swift could not sway voters in Tennessee, during the 2018 campaign, between Senator Marsha Blackburn and Governor Phil Bredesen.

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