Charles Barkley Sounds Off On NFL’s Taylor Swift Critics: ‘You’re Just A Loser’

Remember the phrase “basket case“?  That’s who you are, to an American basketball legend, if you’re spreading lies about a musical superstar.

Charles Barkley sends a message to football fans or political extremists, who hate on Taylor Swift:  “If you’re screaming at T-Swift saying she ruined [football], you’re just a loser.  You’re just a loser or a jackass.

That’s what the former NBA star said during Wednesday’s episode of his King Charles show, with Gayle King.

They interviewed the iconic sportscaster, Bob Costas, who pointed out that the Swift singer has brought a new audience to football (just like she brought audiences back to movie theatres, with her Eras Tour film), since she revealed her connection with NFL Super Bowl star, Travis Kelce, last year.

Look at all the new people she’s brought to the NFL.  You see young teen girls who are now watching football for the first time,” King agreed.  So many new fans are now “going through hoops,” to get tickets to see games.

Costas shared that the NFL reigns supreme in television ratings.  Costas added, “You would think they couldn’t improve on that, but now they’ve tapped into another demographic.”

However, other statisticians have said that, for years, the NFL had been losing younger generations of audiences, and has been concerned about that loss – till now.

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