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Tax Survey!

A new survey by Wallethub reveals that 44 million Americans will be late paying their taxes this year. Other findings:

– 48% of Americans think their neighbors cheat on their taxes

– 66% of Americans think the current tax rate is too high

– 81% of Americans think the government does not spend their tax dollars wisely

– 38% of Americans would get an IRS tattoo for a tax-free future

– 20% of Americans would take a vow of celibacy for a tax-free future

– 56% of people like their in-laws more than the IRS

– 46% of people like cold showers more than the IRS

– 40% of people like traffic jams more than the IRS

– 36% of people like snakes and spiders more than the IRS

– 19% of people would rather spend a night in jail than pay their taxes

– 17% of people would rather swim with sharks than pay taxes

– 15% of people would rather drink expired milk than pay taxes

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