Tax Specialist Says File your Taxes ASAP – If You Hope for THIS Outcome

If you’re looking to procrastinate, and file your taxes at the last minute, one tax specialist thinks you should reconsider.  Though you might expect to pay, and hope to hang on to the interest generated by your own money, for as long as possible, it’s different, if you anticipate a refund.

The IRS has been dealing with staffing shortages, and a backlog of unprocessed tax returns, among other things.

Typically, they’re only a million tax returns behind, so you want to get in and file as quickly as possible,” one specialist said.

Another specialist added, “Unfortunately, this has been a slow-moving train wreck for decades now.  Right now, you’re at 42% of printers not functioning; you have software technology at the IRS that is rooted back in the 1960’s.”

The experts say it’s best not to rely on an extended filing deadline, either.  While you may sit on the interest your money earns, for a bit longer, you may run into much more serious delay – which can hold up your refund for much longer than expected.

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