“Tank The Tortoise” Found…  Again…  It Was a Slow Chase
Tank The Tortoise” Found…  Again…  
Did we know he was missing – or that he’s been quite the flight risk?
Perhaps the news has been slow, getting here, but:

Tank the Tortoise has been found… again.  The hardened escape artist, sometimes known as Houdini, has been returned to his Pennsylvania home after escaping a week ago.

Tank has “run away” three times.  And he always seems to head to the same spot.  The big turtle belongs to vet Mike Nelson.

Tank will now be outfitted with a GPS tracker, so he can be more easily found, if he makes his great escape, once again.

(Take more of the “Tank Tour,” here:  UPI)  [Pictured here is a Russian tortoise – not Tank]

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