Take-Out Containers…  Do You Re-Use Them?
If you’ve ever actually visited a landfill, and seen how we’re actually filling up the ground with lots of recycle-able stuff (something someone else might even appreciate having), you likely feel a shift of perspective.  And, apparently, we finally are.
A survey of 2,000 Americans reveals that more than half of them (57%) reuse plastic bags and 44% reuse takeout containers.  And, why not?  You can buy them new, or keep the ones you just paid for at the restaurant…  easy to clean or sterilize.  

Over the past year, Stasher survey respondents made 65 disposable purchases, including plastic bags, cups, and paper towels.

They made another interesting discovery:  The average American bought 51 reusable items like metal straws and water bottles.

Stasher’s Hilary McGuigan says:  “People feel empowered to make changes in their own lives and have the agency to reduce their reliance on plastic waste and other single-use items.”  Plus, it saves your hard-earned cash.

Win-Win:  Save money, save nature.

(Find more, here:  swnsdigital)

Do you reuse plastic bags and takeout containers?  I recycle plastic bags; and I run those containers through the dishwasher.  Then, when an adult child comes for a visit, and wants to take home some banana bread, it’s easy.  They’re great for holiday leftovers or cookies you’d like to share.  ~ Mo

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