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Sweethearts Candy Chooses Unsexy Theme for Valentine’s Day 2022

Sweethearts Conversation Hearts are now a product of the Spangler Candy Company; and they are likely the first thing that springs to mind when you think about Valentine’s Day.

Typically, the hearts have messages on them such as “YOU + ME” and “XOXO.”

But this year, Spangler has announced the 2022 theme for its Sweethearts slogans will be “Words of Encouragement” which emphasize friendship instead of flirtation.

A press release says, “Fans of the beloved candy hearts will find 16 new sayings inside this year’s boxes including, ‘WAY 2 GO,’ ‘CRUSH ITandHIGH FIVEalongside classic message likeBE MINE,’ ‘HUG MEandCUTIE PIE.’

And:  The 2022 theme aims to show recipients just how special they are, give their spirits a lift, and say a special thank you to anyone who helped them do and become their best—from teachers, mentors, and coaches, to family, friends, teammates and countless other difference-makers.”

The flavor line-up hasn’t changed, and includes:  Wintergreen, Orange, Lemon-Lime, Blueberry, Banana, Grape, and Cherry.

Got a taste for more?  (Yahoo)

  • Sweethearts Conversation Hearts have a new theme this year—“Words of Encouragement”
  • The candy hearts will feature 16 new sayings – which emphasize friendship and encouragement, along with classic messages of romance & love

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