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SURVEY: Bad Habits Picked Up During the Pandemic

Group Of Young Friends Meeting For Drinks And Food Making A Toast In Restaurant

Here are the results of a new survey of 2000 Americans about Bad Habits Picked Up Over 2020 brought to us by HOP WTR, maker of delicious, delicious hop-filled sparkling water (yum!).
– 53 percent of those polled have been drinking alcohol more frequently during lockdown.
– 46 percent of those working from home have stopped working early to pour themselves a drink at least once during their time in quarantine.
– 45 percent of these respondents have admitted having an alcoholic drink during the workday.
– Six in 10 adults say they’ll be trying to drink less for the remainder of 2020. (* Six out of six adults later admitted to lying.)
– Two out of five say they’ve been snacking more as quarantine continues.
– Other bad habits picked up during this time included drinking too much caffeine (32%) and staying in pajamas all day (23%).

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