Subway Removes Footlong Cookie – Because It’s Too Popular?
Subway Removes Footlong Cookie for Being Too Popular  
The footlong cookie from Subway has become so popular, the chain had to remove it from the app.  

After selling 3.5 million of these new, footlong treats, the brand is reportedly struggling to keep up with the demand. The footlong pretzel and churro were also listed as “sold out,” on February 1st (Thursday).

Sidekicks are a big hit with guests and the latest proof that Subway is a remarkably different brand than it was when we began our transformation journey three years ago,” CEO John Chidsey said.

The chain is planning to introduce new menu items in 2024.

My family popped into a suburban Subway, February 4th (Sunday), and they had a few.  But that cookie is 1,440 calories!

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