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STUDY: Problem Gamblers, Shopaholics, & Compulsive Eaters Could have their Brains “re-tuned” by Zapping Them with Electricity

It seems some problematic behaviors might be treated with a simple zap to the brain. Boston University researchers have found that problem gamblers, shopaholics, and compulsive eaters could have their brains “re-tuned” by zapping them with electricity. The technique is non-invasive and involves sending small jolts of electricity to an area of the grey matter in the brain connected to addictive behaviors. It’s said to “re-tune” brainwaves, and in an experiment it “reduced obsessive-compulsive behaviors for up to three months.” It could prove to be a good alternative treatment to using drugs, which can cause unwanted side effects or result in disappointing outcomes. Here’s the complete story from DailyMail.

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