Step-children Live Longer than Non-Step-children.  Here’s Why.
If you’ve ever read a fairy tale, you’re familiar with the trope of the “evil step-mother.”  It’s even more ridiculous than we thought.

Having a step-parent isn’t such a bad thing in real life – in fact, it can be good for you.

East Carolina University researchers have looked at data from over 400,000 people, who were born between 1847 and 1940 (in the state of Utah).  They found that, regardless of their remarried parent, stepchildren were shown to have lower rates of mortality than non-step-children.

They also found that step-children faced no worse survival than other children, who also lost a parent, but whose surviving parent did not remarry.

Overall, among both step-children and non-step-children, maternal death was most significantly associated with excess mortality for both sons and daughters.

The researchers note their work helps to address problems, between step-parents and step-children, in the modern era.  They stress that step-children are “integral to household functioning,” today, as they care for their siblings and “stabilize relationships.”

There’s more, here:  (Daily Mail)

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