Stanley Thermal Cup May Leak Poisonous Lead If Damaged – Lawsuits Filed
Stanley Sued for Lead Contamination 
Several lawsuits are now filed against thermal cup-maker Stanley, as consumers allege that the company did not disclose the presence of lead in its cups.

A recently filed lawsuit claims that, if the popular Stanley tumbler is damaged, customers can potentially be exposed to lead.

Earlier this month, the company addressed concerns that the bottoms of their wildly popular (often sold-out) bottles are insulated with the metal.

Some concerned consumers have even conducted lead tests on their tumblers.  And they’ve shared the results on social media.  Some videos under the search “Is There Toxic Lead In Stanley Cups” have up to 3.9 million views.

The credibility of the tests will be investigated.

(Sip a little more, here:  Food Beast)


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