Splash Mountain full-blown PANIC ATTACK

Disneyland’s Splash Mountain closed for good this week – but not before it gave one last person a full-blown PANIC ATTACK.

If you hadn’t heard, Disney announced they were closing it in 2020 over issues of RACISM.  It was based on their 1946 movie “Song of the South.”  Even Disney CEO Bob Iger called it “not appropriate in today’s world.”

The one at Disney World closed back in January.  And the original ride at Disneyland closed this past Wednesday, 34 years after it opened, in 1989.

They’re renovating both rides and opening a similar one, next year, called “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.”  It’s based on “The Princess and the Frog.”

The original ride isn’t totally dead yet, but you’d have to go to Japan to ride it.  There’s still one left, operating at Tokyo Disneyland.

Anyway, back to the panic attack:  Someone posted a video this week of a girl at Disneyland hopping off the ride while it was still IN MOTION.

We’re guessing she was nervous about the big 50-foot drop at the end.  Luckily, she’s OK.

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