Some Spring Break Destinations May Trigger Bad Allergies – Here’s Where and WHY
What Causes Terrible Allergies in Some American Cities? 
Can’t stop sneezing when you cross the Mason-Dixon Line, into the South? 
The Southern United States contains 17 of the worst 20 American cities for allergies, with Florida snagging seven.

Why are pollen scores higher in cities like Wichita, Kansas and Dallas, Texas?  Longer, warmer summers and mild winters contribute to the problem.

If we don’t take immediate action on the climate crisis, pollen production will only intensify,” Kenneth Mendez of the AAFA said.  “This means more allergy and asthma attacks and additional strain on our health systems.”

Florida cities which made the Bottom 20 are:  Sarasota, Cape Coral, Orlando, Miami, Lakeland, Palm Bay, and Tampa.

The rankings took into account pollen levels, allergy medication usage, and the number of allergy specialists in the area.

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