Companies love to get some publicity by pulling April Fool’s Day pranks on their customers. Here are a few that happened yesterday:
– The Chicago Bears pranked fans by announcing that, in honor of their upcoming 100th season, all their jerseys would have triple-digit numbers. For example, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky would wear No. 110 instead of No. 10.

– Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joke tweeted: ” I’m retiring. In my spare time, I’ll be tweeting.”
– McDonald’s came out with fake dipping sauces made of their milkshake flavors – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and Shamrock.

– Dating app Tinder joked about adding a new “height verification” to its app.
– Google had several pranks running, one of which was a new “talking tulip” virtual assistant. Like Siri, you’re supposed to talk to the tulip.
– Roku came out with a TV remote for your dog, that understands your dog’s bark and comes with a button that pulls up Animal Planet.
– The makers of Mr. Potato Head came out with a fake Mr. Avocado Head, with a plastic man-bun and beard.

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