Social Media’s Joke about Garth Brooks – That He’s a ‘Serial Killer’ – Has Gone Sour

Garth Brooks Keeps Getting Accused of Being A Serial Killer on Social Media.  Here’s Why

On what was Twitter (now called “X”), people are jumping on a bandwagon, to call Garth Brooks a “serial killer.”

While the accusation isn’t based on anything factual, people have been running with the narrative – and this was before Brooks’ Bud Light and Ukraine aid controversies.

It started with comedian Tom Segura and Brooks’ 2018 tour announcement.

Brooks says, “Let’s get physical playing music,” at the end of the video.  Segura jokes that Brooks looked like a serial killer.

Well, now, the story has blown out of proportion, with a conspiracy theory about his tour dates coinciding with missing people reports.

Segura fans ask, “Where are the bodies, Garth?” on Brooks’ posts.

However:  Some people now genuinely believe there are facts behind this (there are none), so they claim Brooks is a serial killer on Elon Musk’s platform.

Segura told Theo Von, on his podcast, that Brooks blocked him on Instagram.

Why do you think people are so quick to run with false information?

Is this a playful joke, or should it be taken more seriously?

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