SLEEP SMARTER NOT HARDER:  What Really Is the BEST Sleep Position?  This.

Two-out-of-three of us aren’t getting the most of our rest, when we sleep, according to a recent survey.  So, how can we get better, more restorative rest?  It’s all about our sleep position.

A sleep expert says that sleeping on your back is ideal.  It reduces pressure on your muscles and joints, as long as you don’t have sleep apnea, or snoring problems.  It can also keep you from getting wrinkles, prematurely – such as the “parentheses,” or the vertical lines on either side of your mouth.

However:  If you do snore, or have sleep apnea, this position may be the worst for you.  It can cause the base of your tongue and part of your throat to close more, under its own weight.

But, if we’re back to talking about getting the best rest, over all, what is the worst position?  Sleeping face-down, which is on your front, or your “tummy.”  Pillows can interfere with your ability to get good breaths of air – much needed oxygen to regenerate your brain and body.

If you sleep on your side, one side is healthier for your heartRight.  If you deal with a heart condition, you may want to avoid sleeping on your left side.  It may reposition your heart in your chest and change its electrical activity.  It’s still not clear if this effect is large enough to be of concern.

One is better for you if you are pregnantLeft.  It allows for optimal blood flow to the fetus, via your IVC or Inferior Vena Cava, a large vein which runs parallel to your spine.  Your heart pumps blood to the baby, this way.

Social media, however, is divided on this important topic.

It all started when a man posted a photo on Twitter…  It showed 18 different ways to sleep, in a bed.

The post received 12,000 likes and over 1,300 retweets.

How do you sleep at night?  Back?  Front?  Side?  

The survey shows:  42% prefer to sleep on their side, 18% sleep on their backs, and 17% like to sleep on their stomachs.


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