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I was born and raised in Chitown and lived on the Northside but my heart’s always been planted on the Southside. That said, I will confess my love for a small place in Evanston called Buffalo Joes (I call it BJ’s for short). It’s where my love affair with buffalo chicken wings began and where I learned the truth of the expression “the hotter the better.” The radio bug first bit me when I was just 3 years old. Running around the house with my dad’s microphone I would sing classic rock tunes like Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” and Billy Joel’s “Movin’ On”. I still have the tapes to prove it! I began DJ-ing in my basement at 16 when my dad got me my first stereo and a Realistic mixer (yes, I was a Radio Shack nerd) and it took off from there. That’s where my love for all forms of music started. My favorite country artist is Garth Brooks but I also love me some Little Big Town,


Chris Miles

Chris Miles

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