You shouldn’t wait for a resolution.

Blue Sky Vineyards (Roy Gregory)

So my dad bod needs to become a RAD bod a.s.a.p.  Pants aren’t fitting as well.  My belts are starting to threaten to go on strike.  My shirts left me a note to tell me that my disproportionate belly doesn’t fall within the parameters of my alleged size.

Bu there’s hope.  There is the new year.  Resolutions await.  So, with that in mind, there is hope, and, a couple of months before I have to pretend to get serious.  Well….I just got some bad news.  I may need to take action a bit sooner….a lot sooner actually.  The story below came up as I was getting ready for today’s broadcast.

It hit me.  It hit me in my dad gut.  I guess all the Halloween candy that I had planned on stealing from the sprout, and all the Thanksgiving grub I looked forward to in a mere 20 something days, will have to be avoided.  Either that, or I am going to have to ramp up my efforts and get going NOW!  Or I could choose not to believe this story from UPI and ignore the concept altogether.  We’ll see how it goes after I take my afternoon nap and eat that ham sandwich that I’ve been thinking about since 6 this morning.



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