KID NEWS:  Should Kids Get More from the Tooth Fairy – to Keep Up with Inflation?  
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Inflation proves its impact – even on the Tooth Fairy!
A mom explains, on Reddit, why the Tooth Fairy gave her daughter $20, in exchange for her first missing tooth.  Cash doesn’t go nearly as far for anyone, these days, including kids.  Some parents just brush it off.  They say it’s up to the fairy, depending on the circumstance.    
The mother also says the fairy made an origami (folded art) heart out of the bill, and dusted it with glitter.

The mother’s parents were shocked.  They said they received only a quarter, for each tooth, when they were kids.  Those grandparents say that was enough to fill any financial cavity, and buy some treat.  But that was back then.

And that quarter is now worth $2.30.

The American Institute for Economic Research offers an online calculator.  It shows that a dollar, in 1965, is worth $9.22 today.

Some of today’s parents of young children say they got a silver dollar or some sort of dollar, or a five.  That dollar, in 1990, is now worth $2.22.  That five dollar bill is now worth $11.11.

So, perhaps a ten is appropriate for the Tooth Fairy to treat?

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