Shenandoah Describe Their Worst Show Ever — They Could Have Died

Ever have a heart-attack panic moment at work?

Shenandoah recently described their worst – and scariest – show ever.   “This was in the early, early, early days of our career; we didn’t have a bus yet; we were still in a van,” explains Mike McGuire, the band’s drummer.

He says, “We went in to do soundcheck, and my eyes were just burning; I couldn’t figure out why my eyes were burning.  Well, we get up that night to do the show; somebody had the whole stage wired from one extension cord.  It was rolled up into one big spool, and it was underneath the drum riser, and I’m the drummer.  And so, during the show, I started seeing smoke, and I looked down, and all the plastic on the extension cord had melted; it looked like a big ant bed.  There were just naked wires, and then all of a sudden, poof, it caught on fire!  Right in the middle of our show, and we had to evacuate the building.”

What was the scariest moment you’ve ever experienced?

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