Shania Twain’s “Favorite” Music Since Divorce

In Shania Twain’s new Netflix documentary, the singer details how she created the best music post-divorce.

While privately dealing with Lyme disease, which affected her singing abilities, Shania also faced a divorce from her ex-husband Robert “Mutt” Lange.

Shania revealed that Lange had an affair with her friend, and she found it hard to create music. Shania also compared the divorce to the death of her parents, which she struggled to get past.

Twain eventually found the courage to get back in the studio saying, “I’m going to not only get back in the studio without him,” she said. “I’m going to write all the music alone and just discover myself again as an individual creative like I’ve been all of my youth.”

Not Just a Girl is streaming now on Netflix. Plus, a compilation album titled Not Just A Girl (The Highlights) is available Tuesday (July 26).