Shania Twain:  ‘Really Tortured’ by Body Insecurities Before Nude Post

Shania Twain said posing nude “changed everything” for her, when it comes to the way she views her body.

I’ve been very shy about my body from a very young age … to the point where I would not go to the beach in a bathing suit,” Twain told Extra.  “I would say probably really tortured by it from the age of 10.”

Twain reveals she had struggled with her insecurities throughout her career.  But she says that, as she got older, she became more confident in her looks.

For the cover of “Waking Up Dreaming,” the musician decided to pose topless.   “I do this naked photo shoot, and it changed everything for me.  I want to be able to stand but go, ‘Yes, I am a woman that is comfortable in her own skin.’  It’s not like I’m trying to show my nakedness to the world, I’m trying to show that confidence in your own nakedness is necessary,” Twain added.

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