Shania Twain Endured Open Throat Surgery While AWAKE – Here’s Why

Shania Twain Had to Be Awake While Undergoing Major Vocal Surgery

Shania Twain is talking about having open throat surgery to treat Lyme disease, which had severely damaged her voice at the time.

Twain has recently discussed how she felt after it was revealed that she might never sing again…  And she also revealed just how the procedure was carried out:  It was done while she was conscious.

You have to be awake while they do it. I was more afraid of never singing again than getting through the operation,” she said.  “The reason you have to be awake for the operation is that you have to sing during it so they know exactly what to do.”

She described the experience as a “depressing and devastating” phase before she expressed her gratitude for a return of her ability to sing and speak again.

The singer recently released a new album, “Queen of Me,” which is the first since her surgery, calling it her “celebration album.”

She had not only dealt with the complications of Lyme Disease, but had also previously been airlifted to a hospital with Covid.

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