Scotty McCreery Teases Romantic Unreleased Ballad After Years Of Requests

Scotty McCreery is ready to give his fans what they want.

The singer teased his social media followers with a snippet of an unreleased ballad, and he wants to know, “should this song make the new album??”

McCreery explained that many people have asked him over the years, “you got this deep voice, but why haven’t you used it on one of your songs or on one of your records? I thought about that and wanted to write a song for y’all that have asked that question. I like this song a lot.

It’s called ‘Slow Dance,’” he explained in a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday evening (November 1).

Fans were united in saying that should “immediately” release “Slow Dance.”

What is your favorite song by Scotty, and why?