Scotty McCreery Is Writing Baby Songs For Next Album

Scotty McCreery’s music is inspired by his real-life experiences

And now that he is a dad to a 5-month-old son named Avery, his next musical chapter will document life as a dad

He said, “There’s definitely gonna be some baby songs, as you could guess. My music for sure has kind of leaned a little bit into that autobiographical stuff. Something that I learned about music is how alike we all are, rather than different.”

He added, “When I talk about my life, I could be talking about thousands of other people’s lives, and they relate to it, too. So there’ll be a lot of life stuff. Just about not taking things for granted, and that’s where I’m at right now, just appreciating this new stage of life, and new fatherhood.

I can’t wait to hear what he writes about.