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Scientists Can Now Manipulate Brain Cells Using Smartphone

Scientists have developed a way to manipulate brain cells using a tiny implant and a smartphone.
Before a patient’s movement was limited by the use of bulky equipment that causes lesions on the brain’s soft tissue which made it difficult for the equipment to be implanted and deliver drugs for long periods of time.
The new implant is a Lego-like drug cartridge that is put into a brain implant using a hair-like probe.
The cartridge is then controlled by a smartphone and can deliver drugs and light to the brain remotely. Michael Bruchas, a professor of anesthesiology, pain medicine and pharmacology at the University of Washington School of Medicine said, “We are also eager to use the device for complex pharmacological studies, which could help us develop new therapeutics for pain, addiction, and emotional disorders.” Here’s the complete story from Medical Express.

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