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‘Scented Flatulence Pills’ – Make Your “Toot” Smell Like Roses

Tired of killing the mood by breaking wind at the wrong moment?  A new pill will make that fart smell like a rose bouquet.

At least, that’s the claim made, by Christian Poincheval, the French man who invented the pill.  It’s called PilulePet.

Poincheval says these pills are made with natural ingredients – and they will give your gas a more pleasant aroma.

A variety of different scents are available, including rose, ginger, and chocolate.  They sell for about $17 per pack.

Poincheval came up with the idea in 2007; after a he and his friends “nearly asphyxiated ourselves with our smelly farts,” after a meal, and disturbing nearby tables…  Niiiiiiiiice.

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