Saint Patrick’s Day SAFETY WARNING:  Don’t Touch the Molten Lava – Top O’ the Irish Soda Bread!


Do NOT touch the top of the Irish Soda Bread from Jewel, if you toast it!  [Do schmear it with Land O’ Lakes butter, afterward, though].

There must be some kind of professional Irish person, who knows how to handle this situation.  I should have called a McHotline.  I’m just a regular Irish-American mutt, really – my family is like a patchwork quilt.

I should have used the Toast Tongs my mother gave me.  Goggles might have been a good idea.

I should have known that giant granules of sugar would turn to lava from County Hell on top of that toast.

Now I have a Nifty McBlister on the Tip O’ Me Finger.  Be Careful!  I fell into Fitz.

This is nasty Leprechaun stuff…  My father used to say that the Luck O’ The Irish is really just Murphy’s Law.

I thought he was a Kil-Flop-N-Top curmudgeon…  But now I’m starting to get it LOL

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