Ruston Kelly Shares Video For His New Song “Mending Song”

Ruston Kelly’s new album, called “The Weakness,” is set to come out on April 7.

Kelly put out the album’s title track earlier this year, and now he’s putting out the latest song, “Mending Song.”

“Mending Song” was the first song Kelly wrote for The Weakness. He wrote it on a trip to Joshua Tree in California by himself. Kelly said, “I rented this little cabin out on 22 acres, just me and the coyotes, and ended up checking out a shop nearby and buying a baritone ukulele … I remember thinking, ‘This is so stupid — I’m trying to be that guy, going out to some cabin and writing my opus. Why don’t I just have some fun?’”

Below is the video for Kelly’s new song. It was directed, produced, and edited by Bella Mazzola.

I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album, are you?