Rumor:  Reba McEntire Versus Kelly Clarkson – Backstage Tension Between Former In-Laws

Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson Tensions Reportedly ‘Boiling’ on ‘The Voice’ Set

Apparently, things may be a bit stressful behind the scenes of ‘The Voice.”  When Kelly Clarkson walked away the victor, on American Idol (in its first season), she gushed about country icon Reba McEntire – her idol.

Now, it would seem that time and a messy divorce have changed things a bit, at least they may have, according to recent unnamed sources.

Clarkson’s marriage to McEntire’s former stepson, Brandon Blackstock, ended with a legal brawl – which McEntire allegedly isn’t letting go away.  Both female superstars are now working on The Voice, with Clarkson as a judge, and McEntire as a mentor.

These “sources” allege that the two are bringing their family drama to the show:  “They have to play nice for the cameras.  But things are really tense between them.  Reba’s got it in her head that Kelly should take Brandon back, which has really upset Kelly,” one source claims.

And here’s where it gets even more odd or sketchy:  “For some reason, Reba just can’t accept that it’s over,” the source added, noting that Reba has a “soft spot” for her stepson – even though she dumped his dad after 26 years of marriage, to the senior Blackstock.

Meanwhile, both Kelly and her former step-mother-in-law have had to pursue the Blackstocks, legally, for alleged mismanagement of their career financials.  Blake Shelton had been managed by the younger Blackstock, as well.