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Retailers May Start Letting You “Return” Gifts – But Keep Them

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Returning Gifts Online So Expensive for Retailers They May Let You Keep Them – AND Get Credit
You might just luck out, if you want to return a gift that was purchased online.  Optoro, a returns processor, says the cost of online returns is soaring, contributing to increased prices, product shortages and supply chain stress.
The company says the return of one $50 item is expected to cost them an average of $33.  That’s up 59-percent, from 2020.
The bad news:  Retailers are expected to pass on the cost of returns in the form of higher prices.
The good news:  Some retailers, namely Amazon, sometimes tell the returner to just keep it, as it would cost them too much to process a return.
But, don’t try to game the system, to get free stuff, as there’s tracking involved – which could catch you trying to take advantage.

Take a look at more, here:  (Yahoo)

  • Some online retailer, namely Amazon, are letting consumers keep items they want to return, simply because processing a return is too expensive
  • This is not so great, because consumers are expected to absorb the cost of costly returns with higher prices—and also, don’t try to game the system, as these retailers have tracking involved that can catch people taking advantage.

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