Recognize this house?

photo by Brandon Jones

So as a hobby of mine I like to check out places that Movies, tv shows etc have been filmed.

Union Station in Chicago (Untouchables, Man of Steel) Dyersville, IA (Field of Dreams) and pretty much everywhere in the state of South Dakota was used for Dances with Wolves. Notice the Kevin Costner link in all of them? But one of my all time favorite movies that involves a different Kevin is Home Alone, you know the story, family leaves for vacation in a panic and leave their 8yr old son behind and he has to thwart off burglars (Wet Bandits)

Photo by Brandon Jones

So I ventured up to Winnetka, IL after some googling and found the famous “McCallister House” as shown and used in the movie “Home Alone”

Seeing the house, especially with the snow, brought me back to my childhood and watching the movie over and over again and is probably one of the greatest “Movie sites” I have ever seen.

Do you have a fun movie site you visited or Favorite Christmas movie of all time?



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