Reba McEntire‘s boyfriend, actor Rex Linn, is a Halloween enthusiast and he loves to scare people on this holiday, according to Reba.

In fact, he made her the target of his Halloween prank last year, as she tells us: “His favorite holiday is Halloween. Last year he ordered from Costco a 7-foot werewolf, with a motion sensor in it; and he put it in my bathroom, and then when I walked in there, it moved and growled at me.  I was very upset.  I said, ‘Everybody who had anything to do with it, you’re all fired!’  Then I started giggling.  Then I was pretty flattered that he went to all that trouble to scare me, and then we took it to every place we could to scare everybody else.  We had a blast with it, so we love Halloween.”

McEntire and Linn have fully recovered, after they were rescued from a building collapse in Oklahoma; and contracted RSV, a virus, before that.  It had similar symptoms to Covid, but was not.

Reba released her Revised Remixed Revisited boxed set earlier this month.

The project includes a version of “Does He Love You” as a duet with Dolly Parton.

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