Reba McEntire Says Marriage to Ex Was All Business

Sometimes you look back and you see things better…  “Hindsight is 20/20.”

And it’s the same for superstars.  Reba McEntire recently shared that her marriage to Narvel Blackstock was all business.

She said, “I think it works for some people.  They can be married or have a relationship and work together.  Our work was all the time.  Our marriage was 26 years.  We started out working together in the band.  He was part of the band, and then became my manager, later on then, my husband; but it was a situation that was always business — whether we were getting ready in the morning, pillow talk, whatever, but it was business.”

She continued, “Even when we were on vacation to recharge the batteries, about three days into a vacation it was like, ‘You know what we can do?‘”

Narvel’s son, Brandon Blackstock is the ex-husband and former manager of Kelly Clarkson.

What was the relationship with your ex like?

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