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Reba McEntire ‘Owns It’ – She Stands by Every Fashion Choice She Has Made… Here’s Why.

Ever stylish and trendy, yet “vintage” enough to have seen a few trends come and go, Reba McEntire says she has seen and, likely, worn it all.

Reba readily admits that she has made a “few” bold fashion choices in her day.  But the country music superstar reveals that she has absolutely NO regrets, about any of them.

McEntire says:  “Whatever I put on and wear, I own it.  I’ve had some pretty outlandish things that I’ve worn on stage and, people say, ‘Oh, weren’t you embarrassed?’  “I say, ‘No, at the time I thought I looked really good so I’m gonna own it and be proud of it.'”

(She says it at 0:47 on “People’s” ‘One Last Thing’ segment.)

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