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“Rearview Town” reflections: Jason Aldean reveals what 23 career number ones means to him

Broken Bow

Jason Aldean adds to his collection of number ones this week, as “Rearview Town” becomes the latest in his string of chart-topping hits that started with “Why” back in 2006.

“The very first one was so exciting just because it was something I’d spent my whole life waiting for, you know, and wanting, and it was special for that reason,” the ACM Entertainer of the Decade recalls.

“Rearview Town” is the Georgia native’s twenty-third career number one.

“You know, to me the number doesn’t matter so much as just feeling like people still, 13 years into this deal, people still like what I’m doing,” Jason explains. “To me that’s the thing that’s cool. I don’t really get caught up too much in ‘It’s number 21 or 22’ or whatever.”

While Jason’s accomplished enough that he could rest on his laurels, he’s thankful his fans keep rewarding him with number ones.

“We’ve had enough of them at this point, I feel pretty good about it,” he reflects. “You know I mean? Like, we’ve got enough, and if we never had another one, it’s like I feel like we had a pretty good run.  So at this point I’m just excited people still care about what we do.”

Since Jason’s revealed he finished recording his follow-up to last year’s Rearview Town some time ago, it seems likely his next single may be from the new album.

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