Earlier this year, Rascals Flatts announced that they would not be moving forward with their themed restaurants, and now we know why. According the Arizona Republic, one of the developers involved has been exposed as an alleged mobster-turned-informant who is in the Witness Protection Program.
Rascal Flatts first announced plans to open restaurants around the country in 2012 after entering into a licensing agreement that enabled the developer to use their name, logo and image. The man hired to oversee the project was named Frank Capri, born Frank Gioia Jr. According to reports, Capri would take money for the projects but would fail to pay sub-contractors, keeping the money for himself, and such was the case with Rascal Flatts’ restaurants. Capri was also behind Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill’s 20 locations beginning in 2009, but all but one location had closed by 2015. Multiple lawsuits followed, claiming fraud and theft. Here’s the complete story from AZ Central. 

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