Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox stirred up controversy over a post about the devastating bombing that occurred on Christmas morning in Nashville.
He had shared an image that conspiracy theorists claim shows that Nashville was hit by a missile instead of a bomb. Along with it, he wrote: “HMMMMM???? It will be interesting to see what cover up happens with this crap! Let’s see what they come up with. What are your thoughts?”
In a radio interview following his post, he said, he was simply asking questions.
While he stops short of endorsing any conspiracy theory about the bombing, he expresses repeated doubts about the official story that’s been released. Noting the mental state one would have to be in to plan such an attack on Christmas morning, LeVox states, “Satan never sleeps. There’s just so much evil and so much craziness going on in this world right now. If you can pray, pray, ’cause this world needs a lot of it.”

The complete footage, with a clear shot of the explosion has been released by the Nashville Police Department and is available to view online. According to multiple fact-checkers, the image that Gary was referring to had been altered to look like the original.

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