Psychologist Says:  Eat with your Hands.  You’ll Enjoy your Meal More.
Pork tacos on a plate on gray background
Maybe this is why pizza, tacos and cookies are so popular.
A recent survey, taken by TheFork, suggests that the best way to enjoy food is with your hands.

Eating with our hands helps to make us more mindful about what we are eating and heighten our dining experience,” says Psychologist Charles Spence.  “The fork gets in the way and separates you from your senses.”

Of 2,500 participants, 19% said they felt more relaxed, while they were eating with their hands.  And 10% said it made the meal tastier.

However, some people express concern, because they’re worried about how others will react.  Others were concerned about hand-washing and other sanitary issues.

But humans have been doing this since, well, humans began.

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