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Psychics Do Big Business Now – Pandemic Moved Many Away from Religious Gathering to Solitary Healing

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Everyone Is Booking Psychics Right Now, And Here’s What They’re Finding Out

It seems many are turning to spiritual advisors lately. is a website which connects psychics with consumers; and it announces a jump of more than 50-percent interest, for new users during the pandemic – compared with the same period in 2019.

Pew Research did a study, and found that as millennials begin to dominate the economy New Age spiritual and wellness practices, are transitioning from something questionable, to legitimate self-help tools—60 percent of millennials said they accepted at least one practice, including astrology, horoscopes, crystals, and seeking psychic guidance, instead of organized religion.

Narayana Montufar is a senior astrologer at, and says “At the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of people were really freaking out and just wanted to make sense of it all.  Now, because a lot of people went through so much change, they want to know how to best adapt to their new life:  they’ve digested the pandemic and want to begin a new way of living that is more spiritual.”

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