Potato:  Might No Longer Be a Vegetable.  Wait, What?
Potatoes Might No Longer Be a Vegetable

It’s actually more important than it might seem, and time to finally hash it out:  The government might reclassify the potato as a starch, which would put it into the same category as grains.

But, not without a mashing:  14 lawmakers have written to federal agencies, to protest a possible change.

It’s part of an attempt to get more accurate with labeling.  The 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has been tasked with providing science-based advice, to help inform dietary recommendations.  New guidelines will roll out next year.

While potatoes do provide nutrients like potassium, calcium, and fiber, they are higher in carbs; and they have a higher glycemic index.

When you peel away those details, you see where this will make differences.  Changing the classification of potatoes could impact school lunches and other nutrition programs.

(Bite into a little more, here:  dailymail.co.uk)

[The Irish-American side of our family is boiling about this…  we’re finding out who’s thin-skinned when it comes to this great debate LOL ~ Mo]

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