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Post-Lockdown Return to Jobs Benefits One Gender More than Another…

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In Return To Jobs:  Huge Gender Gap

The pandemic really messed up jobs for Americans…  And though January’s jobs report brought some hopeful news about employers adding over 400,000 new jobs last month, it seems the news is better for men than it is for women.

A report, which came out Friday (February 4th), from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows that more than one million men, ages 20 and up, either found a job or were actively looking for a job in January; while just 39,000 women in the same age group did the same.

The National Women’s Law Center published a report on the data; and notes that it’s likely due to the “uneven caregiving responsibilities men and women have taken on in the wake of the omicron variant which caused continued school and child care disruptions.”

The lack of child care workers isn’t helping things either.  In a December article, Politico also reported that women tend to hold jobs which are more prone to pandemic COVID restrictions (such as teaching and health care), which has led them having a harder time getting back into the 9-to-5 swing of things.

Learn more, here:  (Newser)

  • January’s jobs report was good—but it seems much better than for men than it was for women, as the data shows about a million men ages 20+ either found a job or were searching for a job in January, while just 39,000 women in the same age group did the same
  • It’s thought this is because women usually shoulder much more caregiving responsibilities that have further increased as the omicron variant caused continued school and child care disruptions

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