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Popeyes Is Selling “I Don’t Know Meals” for People Who Can’t Decide!

This is a total marketing stunt . . . and I guess it worked, because here we are talking about it:  Popeyes is testing out a new menu item called the “I Don’t Know Meal” for people who can’t decide what to eat.



It’s specifically geared toward people in relationships who want Popeyes, but their partner doesn’t know what to get.  So when you ask and they say, “I don’t know” . . . you can respond with, “Okay, great.  I’ll get you that then.”



The reason it’s a gimmick is because the “I Don’t Know Meal” is just Popeyes’ most POPULAR menu item . . . a chicken sandwich.  And if you order online or through their app, you get one of their new “premium lemonades” for free.  It’s available for a limited time at participating locations.

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