Police Release Images Of Shooting Suspects
Crest Hill Police looking for these two running North from Merichka’s between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM. If you live in this area please check your cameras. They were also observed walking South on Oakland at approximately 1305 to get to Merichka’s.
Crest Hill police release images of suspects wants in shooting
Crest Hill Police are investigating a shooting outside a suburban restaurant during lunchtime yesterday. It happened at Merichka’s in Crest Hill around 1 o’clock. No one was injured, but the restaurant was one of several businesses hit by gunfire. Surveillance cameras captured the shooting between two groups of people as now police are asking witnesses to come forward. A suspect was held for questioning but later released on Tuesday.
Merichka’s closed yesterday due to damage by gunfire in the area, but plan to reopen today.